First Project: Bathroom

It All Started With A Mirror….

My main goal for our bathroom was to do it as cheap and easy as possible – new mirror, fresh paint, new light fixture, updated hardware and faucet then Ta-Da project complete.

Boy, was I wrong…

I started by trying to remove the mirror, which was glued onto the wall.

So I used duct tape and taped the mirror so if we were to shatter it, we wouldn’t be cleaning up glass for the next three months… Something so easy as pulling the mirror off felt like it took forever but we finally got it off. I wasn’t aware that this would be the cause of a full bathroom Reno…

Behind the mirror was a TON of glue, anchors stuck in the wall, pieced together drywall and holes from misplaced outlet boxes.

Our first idea was to knock the drywall out and replace the rectangle and paint. Then we realized that part of the wall was drywall…the other half was plaster board.

At this point, I called my mom as an SOS to help me while John was working. While we were putting this enormous hole in the wall, the bead board started pulling off the wall… which meant we were ripping that off too…

We decided there was no way we were sanding down the entire bathroom to paint… we decided on shiplap. When in doubt, shiplap it out (if that’s a thing.)

Another issue I saw was our dated flooring – who is a fan of vinyl tile? Not me… So I asked John to work on that while I was at work and these were the updates I got.

We had THREE different vinyl floors stacked onto of each other… AHH. So John completely ripped them out down to the subfloor.

Mind you – this isn’t an overnight process and it’s our only full bath in the house so we were tiptoeing over nails and trashed materials trying to still use our bathroom.

We finally got everything cleaned up and started throwing up shiplap. Luckily, my dad came over and helped because our walls weren’t square. There are lots of shims tucked in behind our pretty shiplap.

Our whole bathroom took over a month but we were grateful to have a lot of extra help to get it complete.

I picked these gorgeous black slate tiles and used 1/8″ spacers with black grout to create a seamless look. We waited two weeks before deep cleaning and sealing the floors to make sure they were completely set – maybe a little longer than normal, but with our busy schedule, neither of us wanted to work on a floor after work.

http://www.shadesoflight.com has the PRETTIEST light fixtures. I purchased this vanity light and was super impressed with the quality and the speediness of the delivery. We received it two days after ordering and had it up the day after receiving.

After adding some reclaimed shelves, plants and finally a shower curtain… our bathroom feels fresh and inviting. Down the road, I’d like to have a custom wooden vanity made to tie all of the elements together and keep our “boho” vibe throughout the house, but until then our painted vanity will do.


About Me

Hi guys! Welcome to Life on Main. I’m Annie – a dog mom of three, a realtor and a girl trying to make a house feel like home.

From the time I was sixteen, I lived with my dad who has a very “bachelor” style of living. Hunting, fishing and loving everyday is basically his motto. I worked hard to bring some character, organization and charm into our home. That is when my passion to decorate and create a functional home started.

I now share a home with my awesome boyfriend John – who supports all of my crazy ideas and is the perfect right hand man to help me with all of my DIY projects.

From the time I’ve moved in, I had a long honey-do list of plans for our home to make it both aesthetically welcoming and functional for our life. We are proud dog parents of a German Shepherd, a Lab-Shepherd mix and an Australian Shepherd-Pomeranian mix….which means lots of hair…. EVERYWHERE.

Though our house isn’t always “instagram worthy” and John probably feels like our projects are never-ending, I want to share some of our ideas and DIY projects that will inspire others to use their home as a canvas to reflect their personal style while meeting the practical needs of their family and pets.